The Great Rockies Wendigo

Vlada monakhova wendigo paint final fx

We were camping out in Jasper for the third time this month. It was early April and the snow has just started to melt — the perfect time to capture the footage of the Great Rockies Wendigo. One small reel of a snowbank shifting and snapping into the bulbous, reeking pig-like shape and we could make our rent for the rest of the year.

Billy has gone out of the cabin this morning to get a wide shot of the glacial valley. With its narrow nooks and crannies, with its bare brown banks, we were sure to find some trace of the creature before it’s shed its winter coat.

I got the text at eight AM. He’s asked me where I was calling from, and how I got farther than him, did I wake up earlier, did I take his camera? Did I catch his cold?

I’ve replied four times. The clock struck ten. Finally, a snapchat message came through. Post-dated, one hour.

“Jesus Christ.” My hand shook.

“Jesus Christ,” agreed a rasping, inhuman voice behind me.